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Belami's Jambo Africa
We are happy to present the first taste of our new series 'Jambo Africa' with this preview of the first 3 months. Jambo Africa is our biggest production ever, with 65 boys, 150 scenes, over 50 documentaries and tons of gorgeous photosessions that will run for 1 full week every month. STARTS January 29th
As part of our promise that you would get plenty of Jack this year, the 2nd scene in Jambo Africa features Jack getting fucked by Bastian Dufy.
Being a model of long-standing and enhanced reputation, Jack enjoys a few privileges, and this time one of those privileges is getting to choose his own scene partner.  It must have taken quite a lot of willpower to select only one boy, but in the end, Jack settles on Bastian.  Has he made the right choice?  Take a look and see what you think.
Jack Harrer & Bastian Dufy
I suppose the first thing that you will all notice about this clip is that we have dropped the familiar BelAmiOnline introduction in favor of one made especially for this project by Mel Roberts.  All of our videos for this project will be united by this common feature.
The scene itself is a home video featuring Rhys Jagger and Jon Kael.  Although Rhys also had to work as Phillipe`s production assistant, he made sure that he wasn`t left out when it came to the sex.  We also have the debut here of Claude Sorel as director and Cameraman, so you can let us know both what you think about the scene, and also Claude`s debut behind the camera.
Rhys Jagger & Jon Kael
AFRICAN Souvenirs
Justin Saradon, Nate Donaghy, Enrique Vera
Kieran Benning & Steve Skarsgaard
AFRICAN Souvenirs
Kevin Warhol, Andre Boley, Jarrod Lanvin
Pip Caulfield & Adam Archuleta